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Comingout / druk 1: verhalen over vertellen wie je echt bent

Coming out: Verhalen over vertellen wie je echt bent - Nine Cornelissen, Miriam Van Damme My main problem with this little book: the stories are too short.Usually, I am very emotionally touched by this kind of stories, since I can connect quite well with many of them. It is then difficult for me to read them and I always have the urge to get up and go hug or comfort these poor guys and girls. The same is true for all those coming-out stories out there on youtube or television.However, not in this book. The stories are simply too short, too flat, to be very touching. Most (all but one?) stories have a happy ending, where we are sucked - in only a few pages time - from early crush to depression to coming-out to happiness and oh-my-god-life-is-so-good-now. It just doesn't work that way. By leaving out so many details, the stories lose a lot of their body and soul.It could have been so much better if only this book was larger, bigger, and more intense. On the plus side, the storytellers are very divers: male, female, old, young, famous, foreigners, transgender,...