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Grootste spektakel ter wereld / druk 4: bewijs voor evolutie

Het grootste spektakel ter wereld: bewijs voor evolutie - Richard Dawkins The philosphy behind this book is nice but rather awkward: a biologist trying to bring up as much 'proofs' for evolution as possible to give other 'evolution believers' some solid ground when they find themselves in a discussion on the subject with 'non-believers' (creationists or believers of intelligent design). I do not believe Dawkins really achieves this goal, but that doesn't take away that the text is an elegant, well-written, amusing and often astounding bunch of stories and anecdotes on wonderful creatures, intelligent research and original chains of thought.The word 'bunch' indicates the main downside of the book (in my opinion). It lacks some form of story grouping everything together, other than the simple sentence 'evolution is true'. The chapters are often arbitrarely chosen and some more summaries would be welcome. Sometimes Dawkins doesn't know when to stop telling a story, and other times he repeats the same phrase over and over again, but that hardly influences the reading pleasure. It might not 'convert' many non-believers, but it's an amusing read and offers a great view on the wonderful and amazing world we live in.