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Geheime kamers (Dutch Edition)

Geheime Kamers - Jeroen Brouwers A book on secrets, lies, hidden parts of your life. The story revolves around a woman with the power to captivate every man she meets, twisting them around her little finger and locking them away - figuratively - in her 'secret rooms', where she hides her affairs from her gullible husband. But where the secrets of normal people (like the one her son is trying to hide) are simply uncovered, dealt with, and go away, hers explode like wounds bursting open and covering everyone around her in poisonous pus.The book deserves maybe 3.5 stars, but due to the plot being rather tenuous and some large parts of the text being quite boring, I decided to round it off downwards. The most impressive element is the mesmerizing and diverse vocabulary, the - often hidden - metaphores, the little details popping up once in a while like a musical motif. Beautifully written, but a pretty dull plot.