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Extreem luid & ongelooflijk dichtbij / druk 28

Extreem Luid & Ongelooflijk Dichtbij - Jonathan Safran Foer, Gerda Baardman, Tjadine Stheeman The nine-year-old Oskar Schell finds a key that belonged to his father, Thomas Schell, who died in the attacks of nine/eleven. He starts an adventure to find the lock this key opens, hoping to come closer to his father's memory.I don't know whether to like this book or not. There are two things to like. Firstly, the constant play with words and styles, which makes every chapter of the book feel refreshing. The use of pictures, of space, of emptiness, going beyond borders. Secondly, the story itself is unraveled in an intriguing way. It unfolds through flashbacks and flashforwards, through old memories, through forgotten letters, and only in the final tens of pages everything adds up.It is, however, the combination of these two things that bothers me. The constant play with styles diverts the attention away from the story. But on the other hand, the constant use of flashbacks and the raising of questions requires a lot of attention. Maybe I am not smart enough for this book, or I started reading it too lightly, without knowing what was expected from me. In any case, I want to read it again, not because I liked it that much, but because I feel I missed several crucial parts of the story...