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Het masker van Dante / druk 1

Het masker van Dante - David Hewson, Janine van der Kooij "Niet geschoten is altijd mis." An amusing novel that reads away quite easily, the plot is easy to follow but not too shallow. Unfortunately, the characters (except maybe for Nic Costa and Maggie Flavier) miss any sign of depth and - most frustratingly - the ending is one big deus ex machina. The Dantesk references in the first chapter end abruptly and are not picked up again later, as if they are only there for distraction.All in all, a nice book for a summer holiday, but not the 'literary pageturner', nor the 'sinister combination of Dante's Divina Comedia and Hitchcock's Vertigo, as advertised on the back cover. Although I definitely want to see that movie now.