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De opwindvogelkronieken / druk 9

De opwindvogelkronieken - Haruki Murakami, Jacques Westerhoven It took me quite some time to get through this book, and I almost gave up somewhere in the first half of the third part. At that point, the story seemed to have lost all its focus, mixing up too many storylines, too many characters, and too many loose ends. But I am glad that I persevered and made it to the end. In the final - captivating - chapters, the story wraps itself together again like a piece of paper that's being folded up. Some loose ends remain (like the Kano sisters), but it becomes clear that all characters have their own meaning and played their own vital role in the story.As Murakami himself explains in the postface, much more time was spent on the first two parts of the story, and their feel is much more 'finished' than the third part, which is at times much too long. It might have been better if a little more effort had gone into this third part, it might have made the book a bit more compact and manageable.All in all, a nice book, requiring some time but rewarding in the end. However, not Murakami's best story...